About the OpenSolaris Developer Conference

The OpenSolaris Developer Conference (OSDevCon) is an annual worldwide community event organized conference for OpenSolaris enthusiasts, engineers and users. The purpose of the conference is to bring together people interested in OpenSolaris development and meet, discuss, create connections between attendees and do coding together in an informal fashion.

Conference Topics

The conference topics range from the kernel hacking, device driver development, networking and security, to desktop polishing and alternative distribution development. Not to forget cool but useful topics like ZFS finetuning and dtrace sniffing.

How to Participate

Important conference related announcements are sent to the osdevcon-announce mailing list. The public discussion mailing list for venue related details, topic suggestions, and everything else is open at osdevcon-discuss.

We would like you to help us promote the conference, you can use one of the offical conference banners.

Conference Organization Team

The 2008 conference is being organized by the Czech OpenSolaris User Group and the German Unix User Group. Please see the contact page for more details.


Motivated by great success of the OpenSolaris project, the German Unix User Group offered a platform for all OpenSolaris enthusiasts, developers, programmers, and evangelists around the world by organizing the First OpenSolaris Developer Conference which took place during February 2007 in Berlin, Germany.

At that time OpenSolaris project had almost 14000 registered members, 30 active projects, and 4 distributions based on OpenSolaris Core.

Photo of Prague