Information for Visitors

Location (Venue)

The conference will be held in the beautiful city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, which offers its visitors a breathtaking historical environment.

General info about Prague can be found at Searchable map of Prague and the Czech Republic is at

Prague Virtual Tours:

Prices, Money

EUR 1 is ~ CZK 25.
USD 1 is ~ CZK 16.

Please crosscheck the current exchange rates at the Czech National Bank.

Banks are better than the tourist cash exchange outlets, but they are only opened from 9am – 5pm and not during the weekend. Any convertible currency is accepted. Travellers cheques are accepted as well.

Prices depend much on where you go. One can have a dinner for about CZK 200-400, beer for CZK 20-40, coffee for CZK 30-50.

All major credit cards are accepted in department stores, tourist shops and restaurants. A wide network of ATM cash dispensers exist.


Prague attracts not only tourists, but also pickpockets. Beware of them mainly in crowded areas and on public transport. Pedestrians have priority at pedestrian crossings but be careful, this priority does not apply with trams.

Public transport

Full information about the public transport is available at

All public transport runs between 5am and 12pm, everyday, reasonably often (metro every 5-15 min., buses max every 20 min.).

You can download simplified public transport map containing all metro routes and all major tram routes.

Visas and Letters of Invitation

The Czech Republic became a member of the EU in 2004. There are different rules for citizens of other EU member countries than for tourists from other parts of the world. Everyone must carry ID at all times.

EU citizens

Citizens of EU member states need a passport or other ID document to enter the Czech Republic. The same is true for citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, who enjoy free movement around the EEA (European Economic Area).

Schengen Group

The Czech Republic is member of the Schengen Group since January 2008. This group of countries have come together to enable people to cross passport or other ID will still have to be carried at all times.

Non-EU citizens and Non-Schengen countries citizens

Visitors from other countries require a passport with at least six months validity on the day of arrival and in some cases a visa. If you need to apply fo a visa, please do so well in advance of your journey.

For more information on who require a visa to enter the Czech Republic, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic official website or contact your local Ministry of Foreign Affairs office.

A list of countries with visa waiver regimes can be found at

Participants requiring an official letter of invitation for visa process, please contact our local host through Mr. Rudolf Kinc, and provide him your full name, organization, complete mailing address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.

Accomodation - Recommended Hotels

The following are the recommended hotels for the visitors. All hotels are located in the walking distance from the conference vennue or on the direct tram connection. Hotel Masarykova kolej is the vennue itself.

Masarykova kolej ***

Address: Thákurova 1, Prague 6 – Dejvice


Category of the guest rooms corresponds to a 3-star hotel. These rooms are equipped with a bathroom and WC, radio, phone and television with satellite programs.

Prices: single room = 64 EUR, double room = 82 EUR

Diplomat Hotel ****

Address: Evropská 15, Prague 6 – Dejvice


This sophisticated modern hotel is both conveniently situated to the city centre and easily accessible from the airport. The way to the conference venue takes about 5 minutes walk.            

Price: double room = 139 EUR

University Hotel Krystal ***

Address: Jose Martiho 2, Prague 6 - Veleslavin


The hotel is situated in a residential area within the Prague 6 district, directly on the route to the Prague International Airport Ruzyně. It is about 10 minutes from the conference venue (by trams no. 20 or 26 to the stop “Nad Džbánem”, 7 stops).

Prices: single room = 58 EUR, double room = 74 EUR

Conference Venue

The conference will take place at the Hotel Masarykova Kolej, in the walking distance from all recommended hotels or easily reachable by tram. The conference vennue is just 5 minutes of walking from the "Green" metro station "Dejvicka".

Hotel Masarykova kolej
Thákurova 1
Prague 6
160 00

Getting there from the Airport

By public transport:

  • Buy a ticket from the vending machine for CZK 26.
  • Take bus No. 119 from the Airport to final stop Dejvická (along the street Evropská).
  • Bus stop is located just in front of the Departures at the airport. It runs every 5-20 min (depending on the time of the day) between 4am and midnight.
  • Conference venue is within 200m distance from the final stop of the bus 119 at the Dejvická Metro station. Take 5-minute walk according to the map.

Airport limousines CEDAZ take passengers to the centre. More information can be found at

Taxi (recommended company is AAA, phone 14014), price to the conference venue should be around CZK 400.

Getting there from the Main Railway Station (Hlavní nádraží)

By metro:

  • Before you enter the Metro station you have to buy a CZK 26 ticket from the vending machines or at the newsagents.
  • Take line C (direction Háje) to Muzeum station (1 stop) and there change to line A (direction Dejvická) to the final stop. Conference venue is located within 200m distance from Dejvická station.

Getting there from the Holešovice Railway Station (Nádraží Holešovice)

By metro:

  • Before you enter the Metro station you have to buy a CZK 26 ticket from the vending machines or at the newsagents.
  • Take line C (direction Háje) to Muzeum station (4 stops) and there change to line A (direction Dejvická) to the final stop. Conference venue is located within 200m distance from Dejvická station.

Photo of Prague