OpenSolaris Developer Conference

The annual OpenSolaris Developer Conference (OSDevCon) moves in its third year from the heart of beautiful Prague, Czech Republic up the Vltava and Elbe river to the historical city of Dresden. All OpenSolaris enthusiasts and people interested in the development of OpenSolaris are kindly welcome.

In the hope to bring two communities closer together, OpenSolaris Developer Conference talkes place simultaneously with another international developer conference with a long tradition: The Linux-Kongress.


  • Call for papers closes: August 31, 2009
  • OSUG meeting: Tue October 27, 2009
  • Tutorials: Wednesday October 28 plus one extra day: Tuesday October 27, 2009
  • Technical Program: Thursday + Friday October 29/30, 2009

You are welcome to spend the connecting weekend in Dresden to explore the historical city.
   Additionally on Tuesday October 27 there will be a gathering of all OSUG heads. Attendance is free.


The conference takes place in Dorint Hotel, Dresden, (Grunaer Street) a few blocks distance from the historical center.

Dresden, the capital of saxony, is the city in eastern part of Germany which has a long history. Founded as a slavic city around before 1200 it is by European standards a young city. Hundred years later, Dresden was already a capital. Through the early history through modern age it grew, became prosperous, suffered from a great fire in 1685, a later one during the Seven Years' War. In early 20th century Dresden was a leading European centre of art and classical music. World War II came, Dresden was bombed out to 90% where lots of historical buildings like the Dresden Frauenkirche were damaged (remarkably it withstood all wars, also this one. It collapsed in 1945 because of the surrounding fire). The ruins remained during the time of GDR (1949-1990), after reunification with Western Germany the Frauenkirche was reconstructed. Today the city has a unique silhoutte of historical buildings with Frauenkirche, other churches, Semper Opera and the Dresden Zwinger. More info see Wikipedia and some pictures.

Registration information

Registration information will be available by September 21.

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